How to remove ingrown hair

Natural Therapy to Remove Ingrown Hair

·  A paste of haldi (tumeric), basen (gram flour) and milk or water to face. Let it take 10 to 15 minute. when it dries, rub off.  This is help to remove ingrown hair in naturally.

·  Lemon is natural bleech,  that mix with sugar and water. Leave it 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse. Apply it twice a week. This method is very useful to remove unwanted facial hair.

·  A mixture of lemon and equal amount of honey then take 10 to 15 minute.apply it 2 or three times a week.

·  This method is particularly useful for ingrown hair removal in the pubic area. Take  some white pepper very finely and mix it with equal parts camphor, mix with  few drops of kerosene. Kerosene can be dangerous, so used safely. Those with sensitive skin should not use kerosene. Apply the paste to your legs and leave it 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it off carefully; the hair should be in the paste, having fallen off.

The most popular methods to remove facial hair are

·  Laser therapy
·  Tweezers
·  removal creams
·  Electrolysis
·  Waxing
·  Threading
·  Bleaching

Pubic hair removal kit

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