Did Alcohol Abuse take Whitney Houston’s Life?

Whitney Houston was laid to rest last February 18, 2012 in a very stirring funeral service tribute. We all know that her death has made a significant impact not just in the music industry – but for almost everyone in the world as well.

It was a death of an icon, which signaled the end of a phenomenal era.

The authorities have not yet released the exact cause of her death. However, in light of the results of her toxicology reports, according to Radar Online [1]; Houston's body contained Xanax, Valium and alcohol when she was found dead in the bathroom of her suite of the Beverly Hilton Hotel last February 11, 2012.

These are just speculations since an official autopsy have not been made public yet. Which leads us to think, could alcohol abuse be also one of the leading cause of Whitney Houston’s death?

ETOH (see details), alcoholism, alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction does not cause as much uproar like drug addiction does. Perhaps drinking alcohol is pretty much legal anywhere – and so-called grown ups can drink to their hearts content as long as they don’t drive a car or do anything while in a drinking binge.

More often than not, a cause of death from alcoholism is directly related to the actions done by a person right after a drinking binge. So it does not take that much rap much like drug addiction does.

Can you die from drinking too much alcohol?

Aside from the usual culprits of alcohol-related accidents that is now looming in numbers over the years, there is truth of a person dying just by drinking way too much alcohol that it can kill the life out of you. Take Amy Winehouse for example, her toxicology report showed that she did not have any illegal drugs in her system at the time of her death. But she had 416 milligrams of alcohol in her blood system when she died. This rate is more than five times the legal driving limit of alcohol in Britain. 80 milligrams of alcohol is the legal driving limit for you to be able to drive around Britain.

We often don’t see the danger that alcohol can impose on our bodies. We need more than just advertisements and commercials to steer people away from abusing their bodies with alcohol.

Sadly, alcohol drinking is attributed to being cool and social. And not pictured in the public as a double-edge dagger that is really is. We have yet to wait on the exact cause of Whitney Houston’s death. But let’s keep in mind that alcohol may have played a big role in her death as well.