My first encounter with the Wendy's fast food chain occurred back in 2004 when I started working as a receptionist for an animal hospital. This workplace had a Wendy's restaurant on the corner, which was a very convenient place to spend your half hour lunch break. I honestly had never been to a Wendy's prior ...continue reading Wendy’s Fast Food Chain as a dining experience

The definition of the best burger is a subjective minefield which is constantly open to debate. Fast food aficionados can spend countless hours screaming in frenzy, arguing who has the best burger; Burger King or McDonald’s. Families have been destroyed and seemingly solid friendships can be torn apart in seconds when the question of where ...continue reading Who has the better Burger Mcdonalds or Burger King – Burger King

There is no way the fast food industry is on the way out any time soon or likely ever. On the contrary. These places will continue to get more and more popular. We all know that fast food is bad for you. There's no effective or valid argument to this fact, whatsoever. "Moderation" is simply ...continue reading Will we say goodbye to fast food restaurants?

Anyone who has worked as a server in a restaurant has experienced those people who either have no idea how to tip or just find it unnecessary. For those who have never served tables for hours on end, the importance of leaving a sufficient tip may escape you, but here are five very important reasons why ...continue reading Why you should Tip