When it comes to cutting meat, you'll often see the terms "with the grain" or "against the grain." They're usually used when the recipe's talking about how tender the meat has to be. What is the grain? The "grain" that the cookbook's talking about is the direction of the muscle fibres in the meat. "With the ...continue reading What does Cutting with or against the Grain mean when Cutting Meat

Cinnamon is a popular spice used in many sweet and savory dishes including: baked goods, chocolate, confectionery, fruit, bread, and tea. It is derived from a tree called cinnamomum verum, by harvesting the inner bark which is set out to dry in long rolls that curl up and are cut into smaller quills. These quills ...continue reading Why does Cinnamon Taste Differently in Mexico

The first cake mixes were offered to housewives in the 1920s. It wasn’t until World War II that they really became popular.  As more and more women began to work outside the home, there was less and less time for offering families the home baked goods that they loved. With a cake mix, much of ...continue reading When you want to Minimize the Additives

In your overall diet, only when you cook from scratch and are careful to minimize the artificial ingredients you consume in every meal will you be well on your way to decent physical health, if you haven’t already gotten there. Scratch cooking helps to ensure that, aside from having to ask specifically whether your products ...continue reading Why Scratch Cooking is Preferable Home Cooking